Fly UX

Professional Diploma in UX Design at UX Design Institute

Fly UX Problem Statement



Your client is a start-up airline called Fly UX. They’re looking to create an online experience that is fast, easy, and intuitive. One that is based on a deep understanding of their target users.


Your task is to design a new website or mobile app for Fly UX. You’ll focus specifically on the flight booking process. How users search for, find and select flights online. To do this you’ll go through the full UX process:

Your end goal is to design and build a clickable prototype that can be tested with users, along with a detailed set of wireframes.

Further information

We’ve chosen an airline for your case study because the industry is packed full of bad design. It’s a space that clearly needs UX.

Look at what other airlines are doing, learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from the things they do right. Use that information to focus your research and ultimately improve your designs.


During the research stage we need to examine other flight and booking systems to identify where issues exist and where improvements can be made to address those issues.

To achieve this we will be looking 3 different research methods:

  1. Competitive Bench-marking
  2. Online Survey
  3. Usability testing


Online Survey

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